Sponsored Organizations

As a company that knows that the larger community is the ultimate source of everything that makes our business possible — we've always felt that it's important to “give back” as much as we can. In other words, we value community involvement by everyone in our organization, and try to reflect this as much as possible as a corporate entity. The result is that we sponsor a variety of sporting organizations (reflecting our personal interest in athletics and sport), as well as local and national charities.

Our sponsorships include:

  • Make A Wish Australia
    Make A Wish Australia's Mission is “to bring magic and joy to children with a life-threatening illness by granting a cherished Wish.” Operating in Australia since 1985, Make A Wish has granted over 5,200 Wishes to Australian children with life-threatening illnesses.

    Website: www.makeawish.org.au
  • Central Districts Football Club - Diamond Partner
    CDFC is South Australia's largest community football club, representing 250,000+ residents. Notably, the team's home (Grand Central) is the state's largest community facility catering specifically for the northern community.

    Website: www.cdfc.com.au
  • Elizabeth Football Club
    Established in 1956, the Elizabeth Eagles are an Australian Rules Football Club competing in the South Australian Amateur Football League (SAAFL). From the Northern Suburbs, they play at Argana Park in Elizabeth Downs.

    Website: www.elizabetheagles.com.au
  • We also sponsor the following groups and individuals:
    • Suburban Districts Golf Club
    • Woodville Rechabite Cricket Club
    • One Tree Hill Soccer Club
    • Stansbury Cricket Club
    • Central United Football Club
    • Trinity College Football Club
    • Brinkworth Koolunga Cricket Club